London Underground


Noah is back from Newcastl, much to his own confusion. He speaks with Amadia, Jenni and Imogen in turn and more or less brings himself up to speed with what has happened in his absence.

Patrick goes into work via the Basement which takes him to the Mithrain chapterhouse. At work his own credentials have been cancelled but Frank Langston vouches for him and he is able to get up to the offices. There he recieves an IM from his mysterious source and is given Ayer’s details along with a series of trades to make. He bullies Langston into making half of them to throw the internal auditors off the track.

Imogen spends a fun 5 minutes chucking rocks at unfortunate policemen. This stirs the blue beehive back into action and another armed response unit shows up at the Barbican.

Noah nips out for shopping and manages to slip past the cordon. On the way back he is stopped by the police and questioned about the other Wych House residents- it appears to be everyone who was on the drug lab video. He mentions only seeing Imogen around the place and gives fake details before moving on.

Jacob heads off with his most essential belonging bumping into Jenni and Imogen on their way to Mr Dirt. The handyman accepts their assistance in getting out to a station and then heads off to Spain where he definitely lives happily ever after.

Imogen and Jenni get in to meet with Mr Dirt only to find that the ghoul is distressed to have brought into ‘embassy’ with the emissary of the Red Piper. At this point it becomes extremely cagey and refuses to divulge information lest it grant any advantage to the other, apparently baleful entity. Imogen agrees to wear a token from the ghoul about its neck in exchange for no harm being done to Jenni for her part in this affair. Jenni offers to help Mr Dirt and he asks for information on the whereabouts of the bag of silver.
Damocles growls at Imogen as she returns, his gaze fixed on the hand bearing Dirt’s tooth. She manages to cow the dog before it attacks her but does start to feel the tooth.burrowing into her…metaphysically.

Around 8.30 that evening everyone’s doorbells ring and Lance Joyguard announces he has come to meet with his errants. He introduces Steven Graves, his representative to the group. Steven then sits down with Noah, Amadia and Jenni and they bring him up to speed on the contents of the mystery board.

That night there is a meeting of the resident’s association. The main wierdness is that Old Pissant and the Duke of Hazel are both present. A man of two parts. We nominate Kelly Loboso and Harry Lime to attend the next meeting, with Imogen agreeing to remove the Red Piper in exchange for a chat with Mary. Then the guest speaker arrives- another Patrick Bayne; a very confusing conversation occurs which is interrupted by Audrey’s summoning of the Red Piper. At Patrick B’s panicked insistence the meeting is expeditiously adjourned.



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