London Underground

Hell of a Place

As the dumbwaiter arrives in the basement, Jenni tends to an extremely agitated and improbably lively George. He doesn’t appear to remember Noah at all, and when the dumbwaiter returns the doctor is conspicuous in its absence. She leads him down the tunnel into what appears to be catacombs. She tries to crawl down a narrow tunnel to find help when something grabs her from behind…

The revelation of Jacob’s talons is enough of a shock to halt the violence between Imogen and the handyman and they manage to intervene with Patrick before he does anything too untowards to Ben, the banker restraining himself to trashing the flat. Imogen questions him about where Mary is and he croaks out that she might be at the Pluto club. She heads down to the basement to try to find her and disappears down a tunnel. Whilst Patrick is distracted Jacob carries Ben away to seek medical attention.

Jenni manages to fight her away free from the claws of the guardian and emerges before a ragged group of ghouls- she pleads for help for George and meets their leader, Mr Dirt. She leaves George with them and leaves before they start their supper

Imogen turns up in the Pluto club and reveals that she is looking for her friend Mary. A conversation with Pest ensues in which Imogen agrees to exchange Mary for information on how to find Mr Dirt.

Jacob is accosted by a police officer who gives Ben first aid and places a cooperative Jacob under arrest. This arrest becomes rather firmer when Jacob carefully attempts to hand the gun into the police’s custody. The officer’s attempts to apply the cuffs are halted by the gunpoint intervention of Mrs Bishop who drags her protesting husband home. A loud altercation then occurs in the doorway, overheard by Patrick, whereby the ghost reveals that if the Wych House is left via the basement then the occupants won’t be troubled by the authorities.

Patrick leaves for hospital, bumping into Jenni en route. She gives him directions to a tube station and he makes it to his usual clinic where they are curiously unconcerned by his gunshot wound.

Imogen goes through Flat 4 looking for clues about Mary and finds a curious amount of information regarding funerals and graveyards. She later speaks with Jenni and learns that she has just met with Mr Dirt and that George & Ben are involved with the mysterious entity. Jenni agrees to take her there later.

A large number of armed police officers have converged around the building and Imogen decides to take Damocles out to play with them. This ends with both her and the dog being dropped in a hail of gunfire from the trigger happy officers, much to the delight and horror of the watching residents. Immediately a terrible wailing comes from Audrey’s room. Patrick slips out and pulls Imogen’s body back into the Wych House atrium, the police apparently quite unable to see anything so close to the building itself. Jacob eventually pushes the body back out to where it can be discovered and then spends the night cleaning up all the bodily fluids currently defacing the property.

Imogen emerges from a world of mulch and watches as Damocles bursts forth from the body of a rotting rat. They return to Flat 5 leaving a slime trail of footprints for Jacob to clean up. Jacob notices that his skin is starting to turn a pale green and decides that he has finally had enough, he packs his bags and despite Alice’s tears books a ticket to travel to Spain.



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