London Underground

Dead Tired

It is Friday 15th of July, 9pm.

Two weeks, more or less, have passed since Shirin Karimi herself passed.

It is time for the fourth Wych House Residents’ Association – chaired by Jenni Hanniver.

We skip through most of the meeting, but “Patrick Baynes” is named as the next guest speaker, and then we get to the current guest speaker and Shirin emerges from the darkness. Noah falls off his chair in surprise and shock, and Imogen reacts with anger pushing over the table and advancing on the ghost with a chair. Jenni and Amadia both tries to stop her and when she’s not deterred Amadia hurls a chair, unfortunately this ends up catching on the table and then dropping directly onto Noah’s face.

Shirin tells us that the Wych house is built over a gate to the underworld and that it has opened as a result of her death. She was keeping it closed and was planning to take Amadia as an apprentice to carry on the duty. Now that she’s dead it will take the services of ‘The Hounding Man’ to get the gate closed again.

Following discussion of the underworld Shirin mentions ‘the Cruel Ones’ which piques Imogen and Patrick’s interest who demand first to know more and then that these hostile forces be summoned. Not liking the tapping that starts to echo out of the darkness Jenni quickly wraps up the meeting, but not before Patrick shouts out “Come on you fucks!”, and all is plunged into darkness. As the light flashes we see Shirin screaming silently as she is dragged away by something. Noah and Imogen jump for her but only manage to grab each other. Jenni writes down the names of all the residents barring Old Pissant on the meeting sheet and as the light flashes a final time we see the unfortunate hobo being torn apart by the Red Piper and another hidden force. Then we awaken back in reality.

Noah and Amadia go to hospital to sort out the head wound and are dealt with without too many awkward questions. Jacob scours the Barbican for any sign of John to no result, though when he returns to the which house he finds that the tramp’s sleeping kit is there, stuffed with some manner of meat mannequin, and drawn into the mince (on the section he could see) were a dozen or so small ‘smiley faces’ :-).

Jenni is returned to the Pluto club where she gets on with her sweat and visits La Perfumier to see if she can score some more ‘scent’. Sadly she lacks the Child’s Tears and Pig’s sweat that the occult pusher is seeking. She is invited to meet with the Twins who want her to deliver Mary Stone to them. She pleads ignorance which they respond to with some disbelief.

On the Saturday morning Jacob does some handyman work around the place, including re-clearing the mold under the sink in Flat 4 (which is filled with teeth). Later he is horrified to find Damocles leading Audrey around by a leash. However he’s unable to persuade them that there’s anything wrong with the situation and can’t come up with a way of stopping them.
Noah and Amadia spend their day trying to make sense of recent events.
Patrick is given a list of scutwork by Mr Ayers and heads into the office to sort it out. He has something of a contretemps with his boss which ends with Ayers…gone and his suit now adorning the psychotic banker.

That evening Noah is confronted by Mother Jones who arrives with a posse of adults dressed as youths. She is outraged by his refusal to cooperate despite her kindly asking him to let him into the flat and do other tasks (such as dealing with Imogen after she kicks one of the ‘youths’ down the stairs). Everyone is left baffled as to what the hell that was all about.



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