London Underground

Digging up the dirt

Noah is in Newcastle (of course) fixing the last of the recent bureaucratic craziness when he receives a visitor- a certain ‘Mother’ Jones who asks ‘would he kindly’ invite her up for a meeting…

In the Queenless Court, the Duke warns Joyguard that when the new King comes the councillor will no longer be welcome there. Leaving the train they speak with Joyguard asking for an introduction to the Hounding Man in exchange for their investigation into the missing Councillors. Joyguard reveals that the Hounding Man is an immortal killer of particularly grisly method. They clarify that what they really want is a teacher for Amadia so if he can find one who isn’t a murderer that would be preferable.
Joyguard suggests that should they swear themselves to the quest they shall be appropriately rewarded and when they kneel he pulls an improbably large sword from his jacket and dubs them as questing knights.
He asks them to search for the missing ‘Kelly Loboso’ who disappeared shortly after Harry Lime left last week.

Imogen returns home from her long walk with Audrey and after feeding the dogs she heads out to ask the local homeless whether they know about a ‘Mr Dirt’ . One of them mentions seeing a sickly looking woman shouting for him at one of the water features. Eventually she heads to the basement and starts shouting for him there- this awakens the slumbering Bishops and Jacob ambles over to ask for quiet, revealing that the description sounds a lot like Mary. This leads her to spend some time squatting outside George and Ben’s door before the other group gets in. They discuss their respective quests and agree to help one another.

They head down to the Basement and ask it to take them to Mr Dirt. However they instead they are led down a tunnel that leads to a keycard access door open 11-4, Mon-Thurs. Five minutes of hammering the doorbell produces the face of a man who does a double-take at Imogen and slams the door. On consideration she recognises him as one of Mother Jones’ youth. They protest they are minors and can’t be talked to without a responsible adult. When the group protests they claim to have called the police and improbably shortly afterwards a siren is heard in the street above. Jenni looks out through a grate and spots a plaque for the ‘Good Family Institute’. They flee back down the tunnel before the police spot them.

Patrick goes to Mr Ayers’ house to try to make it look like he left the country. Unfortunately he is stumbled upon by Mrs Ayers. This proves to be most unfortunate for Mrs Ayers. He cleans himself up, sets the house on fire, takes Mr Ayers cufflinks and after gloating triumphantly in the mirror he leaves.

In the morning Noah gets a call from Love, Love, Love and Love letting himself know that the Good Family Institute are taking out a restraining order against him. He then calls Mother Jones and after exchanging accusations they arrange a meeting for the next morning. He then calls the hospital where they seem a bit confused about his absence. He decides that he ought to nip back to Newcastle to investigate what is going on and has Amadia send a message to his answering machine to date the event.

Jacob has a conversation with George wherein he agrees that he won’t talk about Mr Dirt (on the grounds that he doesn’t know anything about any such person). George also reveals that they have obtained a gun for home defence. He later discovers that his nails have taken on a rather talon-like quality.

Imogen encounters George coming down the stairs and starts interrogating him for information on Mr Dirt. Things escalate rapidly from this point and shortly thereafter George is bleeding brains down the stairwell and Ben is being beaten senseless by Patrick. Jacob accidentally shreds Imogen’s hand with his filthy talons.
Noah and Jenni take George down to the Basement hoping to get him to a hospital and as they descend he starts back to consciousness with a gasp.



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