London Underground

Good Grief

Jacob wins a staredown with Patrick and Jenni just manages to calm the banker before he throws a punch. The meeting concludes and the doorway to number 3 becomes open. The residents ascent whilst a furious Jacob remains down in the dark, comforted by a familiar presence.

Noah speaks with Amadia who is upset about being confined to the Wytch House and suggests that serving her remaining time might not be the worst thing in the world all things considered…
Noah researches Mother Jones and puts in a couple of Freedom of Information requests that should hopefully be returned in the next couple of days.

The next day Imogen starts making inquiries after the police who were at the hospital.
Patrick begins to covertly (and illegally) invest in the building management firm that runs the Barbican houses with the aim of getting revenge on Jacob.

Imogen goes to a hardware store and buys the parts to build a rope ladder down to the basement. When she gets home there are 4 crates in her hallway containing plastic explosives, detonators an related paraphenalia. There are also GPS coordinates for somewhere in Helmand. She secretes the equipment around her apartment, placing the explosives in her wall-safe. Afterwards she hurls the crates off the side of the building and Jacob, going to investigate is struck by one of them and is rather half-arsedly treated by Noah. Jenni goes to talk with Imogen who reveals the details of the delivery.

After being treated Jacob searches for the culprit and in No. 8 he discovers Mary tucking into a meal of fouled meat. She urges him to join her in eating and he reacts with violent disgust. The sound of this draws the others to the flat and he rants at them for a time before kicking them out so he can ‘clean up’. Once he goes to check Ben and Georges flat, Imogen attempts to barge past and unwilling to allow this intrusion a scuffle breaks out resulting in a very broken coffee table and slightly broken Jacob. The handyman does his best to make the place presentable, but the damage is clear.

Patrick has a rather cold meeting with Mr Ayers who makes it clear that the Mithras cult have ordered nothing bad result from the previous night’s activities. It is clear however that Ayers has not forgotten or forgiven.

Jacob’s friend Len suggest that his dental problem could be cancer, much to the old fellow’s delight.

The residents meet up with Ben and George and give their version of the day’s events. Patrick and Jenni try to sneak up via the basement route but when he opens the trapdoor someone stomps on his face and he falls knocking Jenni off her perch and sending her tumbling back to the basement below. Enraged Patrick tears the place apart looking for Mary, terrorising Ben and George with Imogen’s assistance. They eventually reveal that she stole something related to Judas Iscariot.
Noah goes down to treat Jenni and manages to reset her dislocated arm.

Jacob gets home just in time to hear the couple’s screams of distress and confronts the pair, Patrick, enraged attacks him and the whole group descends into a melee, ending up with Jacob accidentlly booting Jenni as Noah held Patrick pinned on the floor.



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