London Underground

Noah to be Seen

The fight breaks up, Patrick and Jenni get an uber to St Thomas’ whilst Jacob staggers home and collapses in bed. A cup of tea and chicken soup are mysteriously presented to him.
Imogen sees Audrey back to bed and retires for a night of drinking and explosives.

In the morning Jenni gets up and asks about Patrick, she is told that he is dead. Meanwhile Patrick is told that he has apparently been declared legally dead some time ago, he takes the news with his usual good grace. He phones Jenni and he picks up new clothes for him before they head home.

Jacob wakes up to find that he seems to have been bloodily sick in the night. He calls his GP’s surgery who refers him on to NHS direct to see if he needs an emergency appointment. He spends the day in hospital, where he is well looked after, but told that his dental peculiarity will require a number of follow up appointments.

Patrick starts work late to find that his absence has been covered for. He later recieves an email from TKIT telling him to ‘Lost £40k and be well’, after some consideration he makes a bad trade.

Jenni spends her day with Amadia and gets to listen to her practice her Clarinet. She tries to work out how to help the piece with her own musical knowledge, but that is then interrupted by events above…

Imogen wakes up with a detonator in hand attached to a half dozen sticks of C4, feeling a black abyss looming nearby she follows a compulsion to pull the trigger…

At around 9pm that night the penthouse of the Wytch House explodes. Imogen runs in terror out of flat 5 and flees the building, whilst a near catatonic Jenni has to be led out by Amadia. Jacob evacuates the building, whilst Patrick ventures upstairs to see what happened to Imogen. He takes in the damage and then as he starts to leave he sees a Middle Eastern figure who promptly vanishes. Shocked he goes to stare out the window.

Below the emergency services show up but they seem unable to take in the Wytch House much to Jacob’s increasing horror and agitation. From his perch Patrick hurls a rock at Jacob, striking an unfortunate nearby fireman. A panicked flight from the building begins, though Jenni and Jacob have to go back in to coax Patrick out of the building.

Over the following week Jacob attempts to determine whether the building can be salvaged, meanwhile Patrick buys up the owning company and directs them to shut down the employee pension scheme.

Imogen finds herself wandering through darkness, eventually emerging into a cavern where she finds three people embedded in the wall, covered in fungi. They tell her that she is in Terdassos. Touching them she finds that they’re actually partly made of fungi.

Jenni comes back to the Wytch house for her record collection and finds that Mary is sleeping in her bed. When she wakes her, Mary reacts with outrage claiming that Jenni had ruined her life, abandoning her when she fell through a plate glass window. She claims that the pair worked together for a year and had talked about moving in. Apparently they were working for the Crays. She confesses to carving Bitch into the bedside table and ‘borrowing’ her records. Apparently they were working a score to acquire 30 pieces of silver from the Twins, the daughters of Ronnie Cray. The twins are looking for the Hand and the Noose with which Judas hung himself.

Patrick finds that he is paying a lot of inheritance tax due to his death several weeks ago…he informs his accountants of his extreme displeasure.

Jacob has more teeth coming through and starts to feel increasingly hungry. He does his best to ignore this and throws himself into fixing the Wytch House.

Imogen passes through a vegetative hellscape eventually emerging from Damocles’ mouth. Damocles welcomes her back in Audrey’s voice whilst the old woman roams around on all fours and eats from the dog bowl.

Jenni heads off to the Pluto Club on friday night and has a chat with the lovable scamp running the joint, he tells her that the Twins might be showing up tonight.

However at 9 that evening (Friday 15th July) they all awaken to find themselves in the fourth residents meeting of the Wytch House.



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