London Underground

This too has been one of the dark places of the Earth

Patrick logs into Ayer’s terminal and mails Frederique to let her know that he will be away for the foreseeable future. He then resets Ayer’s passwords so he will be able to electronically impersonate him for a while longer.

Jenni goes to see Mary about the Twins’ demand. She reveals that the Hand lets you vanish, the Silver pays for any service and the Noose apparently lets you hang ghosts. They discuss how they can possible wriggle out of it. Mary says she needs the Hand to be able to leave – she wasn’t able to pay them off, but not tried giving the Hand back. Mary also revealed she knows more about the box of coke – it seems she took it and tried to use it to pay off the Twins? Mary proposes getting the Silver so that they can use it to pay them off for having stolen things off them. Jenni considers the plan to steal it – Mary will let her use the Hand.

As Jenni leaves Mary’s room, she catches the end of conversation between George and Ben, talking about not being able to buy something.

Noah talks to Amadia about updating the Investigation Board, updating it with information about the Underworld revelations. Works with Amadia to update it – red string is used.

Jacob has a nice dinner with Alice and then is invited to Sunday dinner with Ben and George. Hoping to enjoy a bit of time in a coalition of the sane he agrees.

Patrick talks to some police whilst out jogging and fingers Jacob for involvement in the drugs lab. He goes home and talks with Jenni who spills her issues to him. He advises that murder or arson may solve her problems- business.

Over dinner Ben, George and Mary sit down and discuss with Jacob the importance of getting things done quietly and without fanfare. They then serve him a nice bomb-fragment pie. He makes his excuses and leaves swiftly.

Jenni goes to have a chat with Noah and brings him (and his Investigation Board) up to speed. They decide to visit the Queenless Court on Monday along with Amadia.

On Monday Patrick is picking up Frederique’s work; after chewing out the incompetent Frank he learns that the cleaning staff have been talking about seeing him naked in Mr Ayers office. He arranges a meeting so he can deal with the issue.

Noah learns through his freedom of information requests that the Good Family’s iniiative is sponsored by an American organisation called the New IT. He continues

Jacob comes across John’s sleeping bag again only to find that it contains some sort of mince-human hybrid. This does not go down well and soon the base of the Wych House is spattered with mince and…other effluvia. Fortunately(?) Ben arrives on scene and soon team cannibal is mobilised to clean up the mess. And they might have gotten away from it if not for Noah happening by and being lied to by an unconvincing Ben and a blood-spatted Jacob.

Noah, Jenni and Amadia set off via the basement to find the Queenless Court. On the way Jenni acquires the Hand from Mary. Noah is able to take them through the Basement on to the platform where the Last Train will arrive. Aboard the train however they find that the Regent’s Council has been disbanded due to lack of quoracy. It appears that the members of the council are missing. Amadia is apparently titled as the Knight Protectress of the Wych House.

Patrick is visited by a homeless woman from the train, who bids him permanently kill the Duke of Hazel (John) in exchange for a boon. Apparently she also has information about the Hounding Man. Patrick (thinking Ol’ Pissant dead already) swears himself to the task.

On the train the group are invited forward by the Duke. He appears heavily bandaged on one side and is surrounded by armed heavies. Joyguard is present appearing slightly concerned, though not for his personal safety. The group is careful to declare their neutrality in the matter, but suggest that they may be able to help investigate the missing Regents in exchange for the court’s help.

Patrick heads out to Mr Ayers house and due to the bank’s new security measures Jacob is nearly caught trying to helpfully slip Ol’ Pissant’s foot into his flat, just making it home in time to avoid a face to face confrontation.



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