Sibyl Herald

Chatty wearer of cashmere ponchos


Sibyl is a moderately successful poet who regularly appears on R4’s Poetry Please as a guest. She mostly works from home, but keeps slightly irregular hours as she attends workshops, recitals and poetry slams around the city.

She has a sister who appears to be in a volatile relationship with a high-powered city banker – possibly going by the name of Frederique

There’s a young woman he’s noticed around the building since he’s been living there. Obviously he gives her a smile, she’s pretty for one, and seems to appreciate the friendly gesture. Over time he builds up to a smile and nod, then starts saying hi. It turns out she’s very chatty and easy to get talking to, he learns all about her. Except every time he tries to refer to something she’s mentioned on a previous occasion (her sister crashing on her sofa, hayfever really bad this week, etc) she not only seems to have no memory of ever telling him about it, but some details seem to have changed. She’s never suffered from hayfever, she did have a friend staying over but how did you even know that?… At first he put it down to mishearing/misremembering, but he’s paying attention now and he’s SURE he’s not mistaking this. He even cracked a self-deprecating joke about the mix ups once and she had no idea what he was referring to. She still chats every time they cross paths though.


Sibyl Herald

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