London Underground

Music to buried under

The door to the warren opens and Noah exchanges words with one of the yoofs who calls for Mother Jones. Once she determines that this is real Noah she calls LeFarge (the lawyer?) to assist her and the pair agree to go with Noah to a meeting at a coffee shop.

Noah expresses a limited willingness to work with the TNI and LeFarge hands him a small notebook whilst saying little of use himself. Noah fills them in a bit on some of the horrors that have resulted from Shirin’s death….and then succumbs to a poison they put in his drink.

Back at the Wych House Jenni and Amadia haul a groaning Patrick up to flat 6 and try to make him comfortable. Steve fetches CloNoah and he diagnoses the radiation burns as almost certainly fatal. Despite Patrick’s weak protestations and CloNoah’s last minute change of heart Jenni stabs a morphine filled syringe into Patrick’s side and eventually he succumbs. Shortly afterwards he makes his way back to the house and dumps his body in the next room’s bathtub.

The next morning Noah has still not returned and the residents are starting to grow concerned. Jenni takes some time to emerge from her room, with Patrick standing watch against various visitors.

Steve gets a message from Joyguard informing him that speed is of the essence as a parcel is coming [GM: Cannot recall if message was written or spoken – will add clarification if written]. He meets with Mother Jones, providing some upfront info and a promise of more in exchange for a meeting with Kelly.

The group heads off to find Noah and make their way to the Warren. Jenni breaks in and manages to break Noah out just as Mother Jones gets back.

Amadia reveals to Noah that she was worked out how to shift the doors around the Wych House.

Patrick researches TNIT and finds that they are owned by global plutarch Alex Abel and that the good family institute seems to be just one item in the portfolio of evil. He also notes that St Thomas’ just apparently had to shut down several wards due to an outbreak originating in the morgue. He then has a brief flash of Patrick B’s rows of screaming faces before hie collapses.



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