London Underground

Pay the Piper

Jenni catches real Noah up to speed and they go down to see Steve and check up on other Noah- the fake attempts to kill him until he is assured that Noah is already dead and his work is done, whereupon he calms down.
Both Noah’s put their heads together and determine that TNI/The Warren are trying to gain control over the Underworld and that the relationship with Kelly is likely to have been set up when she was trying to integrate with the existing London power structures. It is not clear why Shirin was killed when she was- likely due to timelines brought down from on high.

Seeking accomodation for false-Noah they speak with Jacob’s wife, Alice, in flat 1 and learn that the wierd entities of the labyrinth were once dead people but have been transformed into servants of something. She agrees to take in not-Noah as a lodger.

The group takes the Basement to the stacks of the Fitzwilliam Library and find themselves next to the library’s vault. Going up to the appointment they find that they possess the ‘Travertine codex’ and ask to see it. Jenni sneaks after the librarian, Dr Alexander, and sees her do something a bit weird with the codex and a notebook- she takes a gander and sees that it is vol 18 of a translation effort.
As we look at the codex Noah flicks through the pages and he and Patrick pass out. In their minds they hear ‘And thus layer by layer was the city built’ as they come around.
Dr Alexander returns with some notes that appear to have been made by Shirin. We speak with her privately and she explains that the manuscript appears to describe (in an unhelpful fashion) impossible architecture. She suggests that the book might be related to a city of the dead. She also reveals that the author was ‘The Cretan’ and is very excited at the possibility of speaking with them.



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