London Underground

Cryptic Clues

Everyone rests overnight, though Jenni and Patrick discuss Patrick’s findings about TNI and their global fingers in pies. This requires further discussion with the larger group and Jenni sends out a text for a meeting in the morning.

The night passes uneventfully. Apparently.

The non-supernatural meeting with a discussion of how TNI-related security is now manning the cordon around the Wych House. They all look fairly ready for violence and are probably not to be trifled with. Patrick proposes that it would be best to steal the Pieces of Silver in order to acquire the company (or a large chunk of it?). Steve wonders how the group would actually acquire the Silver. Jenni suggests using the basement while enhanced by the mystical vision provided by a potion from the Parfumier. Noah suggests that even if it’s morning, it’s best if they flex their basement skills and try going now and see if it helps with the time of day too. The conversation turns also to Lance Joyguard and exactly what he is (Steve says “he’s very Enduring”) and just how much worry there should be about wrapping up the Kelly Laboso business. Steven explains that Lance wanted to get this whole thing wrapped up before parcel arrives. There is some concern about the cryptic nature of all this.

The group get through to the Pluto Club, where it is dark and empty. Jenni discovers a safe behind the bar (next to a baseball bat and shotgun). She is able to unlock the safe and within discovers a little brown book labeled “Emergency Contact Details”. Within are contact details for Le Parfumier and photos are taken of the pages. This includes someone called ‘Legs’.

Jenni texts the number, arranges a meeting and goes there accompanied by Patrick. The exchange is made in the toilet stalls of a Debenhams and Jenni returns to take the drugs and go on her dream journey. Or whatever it happens with these mystery drugs.

Meanwhile Steven goes to his pre-arranged meeting with Laboso. Amadia decides to go with him (despite Noah’s protests and entreaties to stay here, stay safe). Jenni is on a metaphysical trip, so Steve takes Patrick. They got to Elephant and Castle and mill about on the platform waiting for it to clear. When Steve goes to get better signal up the stairs, he hears the busking music better (“I just can’t wait to be king”) and comes upon Kelly Laboso as the voice behind the song. She seems amused by Joyguard’s concern for her and asks his purpose (which Steve does not possess). She explains that if she wished to be contacted by Joyguard, she would have been, and she also feels that Joyguard would not be satisfied by being rebuffed again. There is a stand-off. Steve offers a polite threat which Laboso very much brushes off, but Steve continues less politely along the same lines. Laboso gives theatrical pretext as way of her ‘protest’ at being ‘forced’ to go with them. The group frog-marches her upstairs to a phone booth and Steve dials a number where he puts her on for Joyguard. Laboso is convinced of a need for a meeting and after the group declines to rough her up, suggests that the Quest is discharged but Joyguard expects Steve to further ‘entrap’ them.

Jenni stands upon a great cream-white plain. The area around is largely lifeless, with no plant or animal life. There are great blue-black gouges around the land as a song plays in the air – “Sympathy for the Devil” and the sun blinds. Basically a pretty intense trip-dream-quest. Jenni sees a book, a ledger, upon which she reads words of a contract about the Kray Twins and “the Bad Man”.which is a pre-arranged memory removal (removing their memories). One of the signatures Jenni recognises as her own, suggesting it was brokered between her and “The Bad Man” (and that he wouldn’t look for the revenge on her). Then Jenni stands in a cavern (mouth), and from within it she sees a large sack approach and giant silver coins wash down. She passes down but not into a stomach but into a space where the coins have gone. When she comes to on the sofa, she finds herself to have thrown up violently, which includes an untarnished silver coin.

On the way back from the meeting Patrick stops by St. Thomas’ to have a look at what’s going on. Patients are clearly being moved out and Patrick learns a little of what is going on – a gas leak according to some nurses.

The group (sans Steve) discuss the collective findings, and after deciding to see if they can find out more about the ‘Bad Man’ to see if Jenni can get her memories back. They decide to get Steve up (who reported back to Joyguard and received instructions to stay put and ensure continued access to the PORTAL). According to Steve, the Bad Man is a big name, works out of New York, who trades in ‘things’, including things which are… on a more intangible level. Getting a meeting seems like it would require a top-end introduction (e.g. Joyguard). The group decides on a visit to the Queenless Court to see if they could find Laboso.

Patrick brings up his concern that Patrick A wasn’t quite as dead as hoped and he has a bad feeling this is connected with St. Thomas’. Speculation abounds about what happened at St. Thomas’ when a “shouldn’t be dying” Patrick seems to have died there and Bad Patrick came instead. Steven suggests that Joyguard is exceptionally good at getting things killed, so might be a good way to deal with Bad Patrick.

The group ventures through to the Queenless Court via the basement. The train arrives and the group enters. There are fewer people in the lowest carriage and they look scared as a foreboding atmosphere is apparent. By the third carriage it seems everyone is drawn up but no factions are apparent and everyone looks sickened. Someone is called in by the Duke of Hazel and goes in, scared. Duke of Hazel and Lady Y appear to be still in contention while the regent’s council remains missing. The Duke of Hazel appears to be in ascendency.

The group is invited into the final carriage. Lady Y’s court is much-depleted and looking embattled while the Duke of Hazel’s court much larger than it ever was and includes even some who had previously been aligned with the Lady Y. The Duke of Hazel’s side is, like the Duke, half-swathed in bandages…

Music to buried under

The door to the warren opens and Noah exchanges words with one of the yoofs who calls for Mother Jones. Once she determines that this is real Noah she calls LeFarge (the lawyer?) to assist her and the pair agree to go with Noah to a meeting at a coffee shop.

Noah expresses a limited willingness to work with the TNI and LeFarge hands him a small notebook whilst saying little of use himself. Noah fills them in a bit on some of the horrors that have resulted from Shirin’s death….and then succumbs to a poison they put in his drink.

Back at the Wych House Jenni and Amadia haul a groaning Patrick up to flat 6 and try to make him comfortable. Steve fetches CloNoah and he diagnoses the radiation burns as almost certainly fatal. Despite Patrick’s weak protestations and CloNoah’s last minute change of heart Jenni stabs a morphine filled syringe into Patrick’s side and eventually he succumbs. Shortly afterwards he makes his way back to the house and dumps his body in the next room’s bathtub.

The next morning Noah has still not returned and the residents are starting to grow concerned. Jenni takes some time to emerge from her room, with Patrick standing watch against various visitors.

Steve gets a message from Joyguard informing him that speed is of the essence as a parcel is coming [GM: Cannot recall if message was written or spoken – will add clarification if written]. He meets with Mother Jones, providing some upfront info and a promise of more in exchange for a meeting with Kelly.

The group heads off to find Noah and make their way to the Warren. Jenni breaks in and manages to break Noah out just as Mother Jones gets back.

Amadia reveals to Noah that she was worked out how to shift the doors around the Wych House.

Patrick researches TNIT and finds that they are owned by global plutarch Alex Abel and that the good family institute seems to be just one item in the portfolio of evil. He also notes that St Thomas’ just apparently had to shut down several wards due to an outbreak originating in the morgue. He then has a brief flash of Patrick B’s rows of screaming faces before hie collapses.

Death Rights

Jenni arranges another emergency meeting, inviting the PCs plus the mysterious Cretan (who we’re hoping isn’t a Cruel One). She goes up to speak with Imogen who is just emerged from a dangling slime pod, and brings her up to speed on developments.

Noah senses a tremor from the basement. It is ominous.

Everyone goes to bed and awakens in the basement. We move on to the guest speaker and the absence of a person appears. [A man arrived who wasn’t there]
It claims that to decrypt the unreadable codex you need to read the first page. [The codex is unreadable, therefore begin by reading the first page]
It claims that no translation of ‘layer by layer the city was built’ was possible. [The original text of ‘layer by layer the City was built’ cannot be translated]
It claims that John Quincy could read it but can’t now. [John Quincy deciphered the text, but would not be able to read it]
It claims to be the author of the codex but not the writer.
It claims the codex was not written at all. [The codex is a lettered work of authorship, but was not written]
‘I was born as I was destroyed, so too the book’
Everything I said was a lie.

In Other Business Jenni summons John Quincy. His form is faded and patchy.
He read it using the reason of another world. Somewhere that existed beyond the labyrinth.
It is a city unknown to the living, and known to only some of the dead.
It may be possible to read the book simple by being near the portal.
He burned London along with Fanny, Adam, – Broxston in order to stop the Eater of the Dead entering the world. Then they used music to control it.

Steve encourages the group to try to call Shirin back but she doesn’t comes when called and instead a bioluminescent glow and strange fungal smell creep in. We adjourn and the meter starts to tick up. A spot of red mold is present on the plastic table. Imogen sticks her finger in and then another finger emerges and starts tapping on the table, spreading mold further. Patrick hits it with a pipe and then a hand grows out of the pipe and when Patrick drops it in flees off into the dark.

Jenni grabs some chemicals and these are used to battle the horrible mold limbs. A brief conversation follows in which becomes clear that any reference to the Red Piper causes the metre to tick up.
The metre is up to about 35k.

Steve arranges to meet Mother jones at Trafalgar Square the next noon.

Imogen and Jenni get Noah to help them take some blood in order to pay La Perfumier.

Steven goes to speak with the librarian and invites her over to the Wych House to try to read the Codex. Nothing happens in Room 2 but when they get down to the basement it becomes more comprehensible. Noah and Patrick put their heads together and are able to divine more meaning, learning much about the layers of the city- the wormtomb, the blightwood.
The metre continues to slowly tick upwards.
Patrick gets impatient about wrapping up and despite Steve’s warning attempts to force the prof. to leave. She goes nuclear. Noah flees in a panic and Jenni is forced to tend to a very nearly re-dead Patrick whilst Steve bluffs her into leaving with a threat against the library.

Noah has fled down the tunnels of the basement and finds himself knocking on the doors of the Warren.

Pay the Piper

Jenni catches real Noah up to speed and they go down to see Steve and check up on other Noah- the fake attempts to kill him until he is assured that Noah is already dead and his work is done, whereupon he calms down.
Both Noah’s put their heads together and determine that TNI/The Warren are trying to gain control over the Underworld and that the relationship with Kelly is likely to have been set up when she was trying to integrate with the existing London power structures. It is not clear why Shirin was killed when she was- likely due to timelines brought down from on high.

Seeking accomodation for false-Noah they speak with Jacob’s wife, Alice, in flat 1 and learn that the wierd entities of the labyrinth were once dead people but have been transformed into servants of something. She agrees to take in not-Noah as a lodger.

The group takes the Basement to the stacks of the Fitzwilliam Library and find themselves next to the library’s vault. Going up to the appointment they find that they possess the ‘Travertine codex’ and ask to see it. Jenni sneaks after the librarian, Dr Alexander, and sees her do something a bit weird with the codex and a notebook- she takes a gander and sees that it is vol 18 of a translation effort.
As we look at the codex Noah flicks through the pages and he and Patrick pass out. In their minds they hear ‘And thus layer by layer was the city built’ as they come around.
Dr Alexander returns with some notes that appear to have been made by Shirin. We speak with her privately and she explains that the manuscript appears to describe (in an unhelpful fashion) impossible architecture. She suggests that the book might be related to a city of the dead. She also reveals that the author was ‘The Cretan’ and is very excited at the possibility of speaking with them.

Dead Reckoning

Patrick is forced to leave the bathroom to give a speech to the assembled businessfolk. Having determined that his double is inconveniently absent he rails against his former peers and turns the whole room against him. An elderly gentleman chastises him for his crimes against the privileged and starts to advance upon him with a spatha he’s pulled from somewhere. Patrick grabs a poker from the fireplace and lays about the old man. They tussle as below Eviller-Patrick arrives and starts boisterously expressing his confusion. He is promptly assaulted by a couple of knifemen (one of whom he starts to consume) before a fellow in a tricorn and frockcoat arrives and looses his hounds on the murderous banker.

The elderly gent pitches Patrick off the balcony but landing well he is able to make a get away, his last glance showing him Patrick-A on the floor being savaged by a pair of massive dogs. He hails an Uber and heads off to St Thomas for treatment.

Jenni gets a call from the hospital and after alerting Steve heads off to St Thomas herself. She is let in to see Patrick who is babbling incoherently in a drug-addled state. She provides what information she can to a number of police offers.

That evening calls a meeting of a subcommitee comprising herself, Noah, Amadia and Steve. All are present bar Noah who has left a note saying that he can’t attend due to reality being unsure who he is. Kelly Loboso cannot attend but a Harry Lime-like individual enters the basement. ‘Harry’ reveals that he and Kelly are just personas of the same individual and that he was shed after an encounter with the Duke of Hazel brought them too close to the basement. It seems that they cannot be too close to those of the basement lest the Cruel Ones reach for them. Apparently the Ambassador is another member of their cluster but was safer for rarely being in the area.

Harry suggests that Plague, Death and ‘something that shouldn’t be named’ or the Traventine Codex could tell more of the past opening of the basement and its future.
He says that in extremity it will be better to let the ‘pressure’ out then in, and that they won’t let fire deal with them again…

Jenni phones the number provided by Harry and Mother Jones answers. She agrees to conduct messages to Kelly Loboso if Noah is brought back to her.

Steve goes through Mother Jone’s phone and emails and learns that her London operations have been going on for about a year. They are responsible for placing Amadia with Shirin and then later killing her with the Rite of Ash Kente. They ( a lunatic going by ‘L’) created a flesh-puppet Noah to handle things and then somehow fucked up and actual Noah got placed here instead due to a reality glitch.

Jenni and Amadia look into the Codex and find that it was lost in the Great Fire of London having been the property of a noble named John Quincy. They decide they need to get back to the music library where some of the man’s collection ended up.

Amadia goes to Steve’s flat and makes sure that doppel-Noah is comfortable. An armchair is duly shifted into the bathroom.

Face Off

Imogen is awakened by Damocles who insists that more dog food be obtained for Audrey. On the way out she hear’s a noise from upstairs and goes to investigate. Up in her old flat she finds that dust is billowing as if some sort of blast had occured and there is a smell of cordite. She encounters The Immaculate Man who tells her it is time to ‘pay her debt’ and to give life to the two dozen she has wronged. She smashes his head in with her sledgehammer. They retreat back down to flat 5 and Damocles fills Audrey in on what has occurred. She politely brushes off the old woman’s attempts to comfort her and heads off to the Pluto club.

At the club Imogen agrees to hand Mary over to Pest within the next 3 days. After several hours of drinking the group staggers home, discussing their current plans and objectives.

The next morning Patrick dyes his hair and makes arrangements for the hitter to follow him to the evening’s reception and take out his brunette double. Steve recieves a delivery of the translated music pages and hands them over to Noah after having a quick look himself.

Imogen and Jenni speak with Mary who says that she took the Hand from the Twins and someone else took the Silver. So far as she knows they never had the Noose.

Steven speaks with other Noah and determines that he appears to have been programmed to kill by a Dr Andrew Langstrom on behalf of Mother Jones and TNI.

Noah reads through the papers and makes an appointment with the Fitzwilliam library to take Amadia to search for more relevant music/texts.

That evening Patrick is picked up by Valentina’s limo and they head off to the Mithraem. They are followed by Pest in his Morris Minor. He brazens his way into the event and then conceals himself in the bathroom.

Back at the Wych House at 6pm, the residents are called to the EGM. Everyone is present except blonde-Patrick. Jenni goes through her revised agenda and the Duke of Hazel attempts to have Old Pissant expelled but the motion is voted down.

At the Mithraem someone is knocking on Patrick’s stall telling him that he needs to give a speech.

Sub-Urban Legends

Noah is heading south with Newcastle with Mother Jones, recovering from his psychotic break. She is speaking with a powerfully dressed woman about a problem with a ‘switch’. Their chance of recruiting Amadia has apparently been thwarted due to the mistakes of B division cobweb farmers in allowing a switch. Jones wants permission to remove and replace the ‘first iteration’ with the second. The other woman mentions that they arranged for Shirin’s death and then tell Noah that he is only 4 months old and was never married to Shirin….he awakens from the ‘dream’ back in the Wych House. He immediately updates the Mystery Board,

Patrick reluctantly heads out to work through the basement, finding himself in the Mithraem where it appears that some sort of cannibal banquet has occurred. At the offices he finds that BOA is shuttered due to the recent incidents; he tries to find out what details the other Patrick has left there. After absent-mindedly giving the wrong number to the security guard he ends up having a very brief angry phone conversation with Other Patrick before fleeing the freaked out normies.

Noah speaks with Steven about his dream and the latter makes plans to seek out a local Cliomancer called Harold to see if anything can be done about the memory issues. Noah then speaks with Jenny and they decide to hold an emergency residents meeting. Meanwhile Jenni plans to seek out the missing regents through the basement.
Pest asks Jenni to do another gig at the Pluto, this time with a Rococo twist.

Patrick speaks with Valentina, an acquaintance from HSBC and finds out this he is supposed to be hosting an event the next evening. He persuades her to give him a lift there.

Noah and Steve’s meeting with Mother Jones goes…poorly . Once Noah proves uncooperative she summons forth his simulacrum who attempts to murder him with a silenced pistol. Steven immediately snatches up her phone and legs it, quickly outdistancing the ‘kids’ who jump out to stop him.

Amadia and Jenni head out through the basement but only end up in the Pluto club. They notice that the electricity meter there has jumped up passed 20k now. Jenni then goes to get her set prepared, learning from Pest that she’ll be expected to play from 11-5. Jenni is asked to mix some of the classic music and does it sufficiently well that she attracts the attention of the obviously influential Rinka Nehru.

Steven returns to the crime scene to give the police some false information about Mother Jones being the one with the gun. He then returns to the Wytch House and finds Noah struggling home. He helps to patch him up noting that the wound seems a little too straight for something delivered in a melee. Steve calls Harold and it seems that the cliomancer is associated with the Mother Jone’s lot and may recently have performed his arts on a Noah-esque individual. He walks back out to find Noah photographing the Mystery Board with his phone, and then another Noah crawls up from the basement. Not long later the mind controlled Noah is secured and they head out (along with a gun-seeking Patrick) to find Harold.

At the club Jenni speaks with the Perfumier and gets a bit of a price list, and then spots a very Harry Lime-ish individual who enters in an extremely sharp suit. The wych house men show up and Steven attempts to show a photo of the man to Lance Joyguard, only to find that it won’t go through properly. The man asks to speak with Lancelot and then dismisses Steve. He claims to be the ambassador of Magonia.
Patrick liases with Pest to put a hit out on his other self. There is a fair bit of haggling and some difficulty in explaining who is to be the target but in the end a deal is reached.

Seeing Double

The residents arrive back in their rooms with Jenni appearing alongside the slightly less douchey Patrick. She gets a text from other Patrick asking if he’s there and after a bit of worry they text back claiming that he’s not. They then try to get a locksmith in to secure the place but are met with predictable inaction.

Noah gets a feeling that the basement is not safe and warns the other residents to stay out for the time being.

Imogen manages to get Mary to talk to her and questions her about Mr Dirt, the Red Piper and other strangeness. Later Jenni talks with her and agrees to help her find the Silver. Mary suggests that someone else stole the Silver immediately after her own theft. They decide that it might be worth contacting La Perfumier

After a talk with Imogen and Patrick, Jenni heads out to the nearest locksmith and returns with locks and deadbolts. Patrick lets himself into Jacob’s flat searching for power tools and hears weeping from the bedroom, he encounters a distraught Alice Bishop. She confronts him with his own death but he does his best to ignore it and leaves with a bag full of Jacob’s equipment.

Amadia has founds some strange notes in Linear B but has been unable to translate most of it. She goes with Noah and they prevail upon Steven to seek out someone who can finish the translation. Her partial translation involves Door within Doors and strangely references Jupiter rather than Zeus.

Patrick and Jenni break into the secured bedroom and within the back of his wardrobe find a host of groaning faces. Patrick eliminates the horror with the old lighter/aerosol combo and Jenni just about manages to control the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

That morning the news mentions that a number of Bank of America employees have gone missing.

Noah agrees to meet with Mother Jones as she is now on her way back from Newcastle.

Imogen goes to a graveyard (via an unwanted meeting with Pest in the Pluto Club) and hurling Mr Dirt’s tooth onto a disturbed grave she invokes the Red Piper. The Piper tells her to find The Silver and the Noose. He advises her to get rid of the tooth’s bearer once she has recovered the artefacts.

Steven speaks with Lance and suggests that at this point murder probably isn’t the optimal method to motivate the knights errant to focus on his task.


Noah is back from Newcastl, much to his own confusion. He speaks with Amadia, Jenni and Imogen in turn and more or less brings himself up to speed with what has happened in his absence.

Patrick goes into work via the Basement which takes him to the Mithrain chapterhouse. At work his own credentials have been cancelled but Frank Langston vouches for him and he is able to get up to the offices. There he recieves an IM from his mysterious source and is given Ayer’s details along with a series of trades to make. He bullies Langston into making half of them to throw the internal auditors off the track.

Imogen spends a fun 5 minutes chucking rocks at unfortunate policemen. This stirs the blue beehive back into action and another armed response unit shows up at the Barbican.

Noah nips out for shopping and manages to slip past the cordon. On the way back he is stopped by the police and questioned about the other Wych House residents- it appears to be everyone who was on the drug lab video. He mentions only seeing Imogen around the place and gives fake details before moving on.

Jacob heads off with his most essential belonging bumping into Jenni and Imogen on their way to Mr Dirt. The handyman accepts their assistance in getting out to a station and then heads off to Spain where he definitely lives happily ever after.

Imogen and Jenni get in to meet with Mr Dirt only to find that the ghoul is distressed to have brought into ‘embassy’ with the emissary of the Red Piper. At this point it becomes extremely cagey and refuses to divulge information lest it grant any advantage to the other, apparently baleful entity. Imogen agrees to wear a token from the ghoul about its neck in exchange for no harm being done to Jenni for her part in this affair. Jenni offers to help Mr Dirt and he asks for information on the whereabouts of the bag of silver.
Damocles growls at Imogen as she returns, his gaze fixed on the hand bearing Dirt’s tooth. She manages to cow the dog before it attacks her but does start to feel the tooth.burrowing into her…metaphysically.

Around 8.30 that evening everyone’s doorbells ring and Lance Joyguard announces he has come to meet with his errants. He introduces Steven Graves, his representative to the group. Steven then sits down with Noah, Amadia and Jenni and they bring him up to speed on the contents of the mystery board.

That night there is a meeting of the resident’s association. The main wierdness is that Old Pissant and the Duke of Hazel are both present. A man of two parts. We nominate Kelly Loboso and Harry Lime to attend the next meeting, with Imogen agreeing to remove the Red Piper in exchange for a chat with Mary. Then the guest speaker arrives- another Patrick Bayne; a very confusing conversation occurs which is interrupted by Audrey’s summoning of the Red Piper. At Patrick B’s panicked insistence the meeting is expeditiously adjourned.

Hell of a Place

As the dumbwaiter arrives in the basement, Jenni tends to an extremely agitated and improbably lively George. He doesn’t appear to remember Noah at all, and when the dumbwaiter returns the doctor is conspicuous in its absence. She leads him down the tunnel into what appears to be catacombs. She tries to crawl down a narrow tunnel to find help when something grabs her from behind…

The revelation of Jacob’s talons is enough of a shock to halt the violence between Imogen and the handyman and they manage to intervene with Patrick before he does anything too untowards to Ben, the banker restraining himself to trashing the flat. Imogen questions him about where Mary is and he croaks out that she might be at the Pluto club. She heads down to the basement to try to find her and disappears down a tunnel. Whilst Patrick is distracted Jacob carries Ben away to seek medical attention.

Jenni manages to fight her away free from the claws of the guardian and emerges before a ragged group of ghouls- she pleads for help for George and meets their leader, Mr Dirt. She leaves George with them and leaves before they start their supper

Imogen turns up in the Pluto club and reveals that she is looking for her friend Mary. A conversation with Pest ensues in which Imogen agrees to exchange Mary for information on how to find Mr Dirt.

Jacob is accosted by a police officer who gives Ben first aid and places a cooperative Jacob under arrest. This arrest becomes rather firmer when Jacob carefully attempts to hand the gun into the police’s custody. The officer’s attempts to apply the cuffs are halted by the gunpoint intervention of Mrs Bishop who drags her protesting husband home. A loud altercation then occurs in the doorway, overheard by Patrick, whereby the ghost reveals that if the Wych House is left via the basement then the occupants won’t be troubled by the authorities.

Patrick leaves for hospital, bumping into Jenni en route. She gives him directions to a tube station and he makes it to his usual clinic where they are curiously unconcerned by his gunshot wound.

Imogen goes through Flat 4 looking for clues about Mary and finds a curious amount of information regarding funerals and graveyards. She later speaks with Jenni and learns that she has just met with Mr Dirt and that George & Ben are involved with the mysterious entity. Jenni agrees to take her there later.

A large number of armed police officers have converged around the building and Imogen decides to take Damocles out to play with them. This ends with both her and the dog being dropped in a hail of gunfire from the trigger happy officers, much to the delight and horror of the watching residents. Immediately a terrible wailing comes from Audrey’s room. Patrick slips out and pulls Imogen’s body back into the Wych House atrium, the police apparently quite unable to see anything so close to the building itself. Jacob eventually pushes the body back out to where it can be discovered and then spends the night cleaning up all the bodily fluids currently defacing the property.

Imogen emerges from a world of mulch and watches as Damocles bursts forth from the body of a rotting rat. They return to Flat 5 leaving a slime trail of footprints for Jacob to clean up. Jacob notices that his skin is starting to turn a pale green and decides that he has finally had enough, he packs his bags and despite Alice’s tears books a ticket to travel to Spain.


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