London Underground

This too has been one of the dark places of the Earth

Patrick logs into Ayer’s terminal and mails Frederique to let her know that he will be away for the foreseeable future. He then resets Ayer’s passwords so he will be able to electronically impersonate him for a while longer.

Jenni goes to see Mary about the Twins’ demand. She reveals that the Hand lets you vanish, the Silver pays for any service and the Noose apparently lets you hang ghosts. They discuss how they can possible wriggle out of it. Mary says she needs the Hand to be able to leave – she wasn’t able to pay them off, but not tried giving the Hand back. Mary also revealed she knows more about the box of coke – it seems she took it and tried to use it to pay off the Twins? Mary proposes getting the Silver so that they can use it to pay them off for having stolen things off them. Jenni considers the plan to steal it – Mary will let her use the Hand.

As Jenni leaves Mary’s room, she catches the end of conversation between George and Ben, talking about not being able to buy something.

Noah talks to Amadia about updating the Investigation Board, updating it with information about the Underworld revelations. Works with Amadia to update it – red string is used.

Jacob has a nice dinner with Alice and then is invited to Sunday dinner with Ben and George. Hoping to enjoy a bit of time in a coalition of the sane he agrees.

Patrick talks to some police whilst out jogging and fingers Jacob for involvement in the drugs lab. He goes home and talks with Jenni who spills her issues to him. He advises that murder or arson may solve her problems- business.

Over dinner Ben, George and Mary sit down and discuss with Jacob the importance of getting things done quietly and without fanfare. They then serve him a nice bomb-fragment pie. He makes his excuses and leaves swiftly.

Jenni goes to have a chat with Noah and brings him (and his Investigation Board) up to speed. They decide to visit the Queenless Court on Monday along with Amadia.

On Monday Patrick is picking up Frederique’s work; after chewing out the incompetent Frank he learns that the cleaning staff have been talking about seeing him naked in Mr Ayers office. He arranges a meeting so he can deal with the issue.

Noah learns through his freedom of information requests that the Good Family’s iniiative is sponsored by an American organisation called the New IT. He continues

Jacob comes across John’s sleeping bag again only to find that it contains some sort of mince-human hybrid. This does not go down well and soon the base of the Wych House is spattered with mince and…other effluvia. Fortunately(?) Ben arrives on scene and soon team cannibal is mobilised to clean up the mess. And they might have gotten away from it if not for Noah happening by and being lied to by an unconvincing Ben and a blood-spatted Jacob.

Noah, Jenni and Amadia set off via the basement to find the Queenless Court. On the way Jenni acquires the Hand from Mary. Noah is able to take them through the Basement on to the platform where the Last Train will arrive. Aboard the train however they find that the Regent’s Council has been disbanded due to lack of quoracy. It appears that the members of the council are missing. Amadia is apparently titled as the Knight Protectress of the Wych House.

Patrick is visited by a homeless woman from the train, who bids him permanently kill the Duke of Hazel (John) in exchange for a boon. Apparently she also has information about the Hounding Man. Patrick (thinking Ol’ Pissant dead already) swears himself to the task.

On the train the group are invited forward by the Duke. He appears heavily bandaged on one side and is surrounded by armed heavies. Joyguard is present appearing slightly concerned, though not for his personal safety. The group is careful to declare their neutrality in the matter, but suggest that they may be able to help investigate the missing Regents in exchange for the court’s help.

Patrick heads out to Mr Ayers house and due to the bank’s new security measures Jacob is nearly caught trying to helpfully slip Ol’ Pissant’s foot into his flat, just making it home in time to avoid a face to face confrontation.

Dead Tired

It is Friday 15th of July, 9pm.

Two weeks, more or less, have passed since Shirin Karimi herself passed.

It is time for the fourth Wych House Residents’ Association – chaired by Jenni Hanniver.

We skip through most of the meeting, but “Patrick Baynes” is named as the next guest speaker, and then we get to the current guest speaker and Shirin emerges from the darkness. Noah falls off his chair in surprise and shock, and Imogen reacts with anger pushing over the table and advancing on the ghost with a chair. Jenni and Amadia both tries to stop her and when she’s not deterred Amadia hurls a chair, unfortunately this ends up catching on the table and then dropping directly onto Noah’s face.

Shirin tells us that the Wych house is built over a gate to the underworld and that it has opened as a result of her death. She was keeping it closed and was planning to take Amadia as an apprentice to carry on the duty. Now that she’s dead it will take the services of ‘The Hounding Man’ to get the gate closed again.

Following discussion of the underworld Shirin mentions ‘the Cruel Ones’ which piques Imogen and Patrick’s interest who demand first to know more and then that these hostile forces be summoned. Not liking the tapping that starts to echo out of the darkness Jenni quickly wraps up the meeting, but not before Patrick shouts out “Come on you fucks!”, and all is plunged into darkness. As the light flashes we see Shirin screaming silently as she is dragged away by something. Noah and Imogen jump for her but only manage to grab each other. Jenni writes down the names of all the residents barring Old Pissant on the meeting sheet and as the light flashes a final time we see the unfortunate hobo being torn apart by the Red Piper and another hidden force. Then we awaken back in reality.

Noah and Amadia go to hospital to sort out the head wound and are dealt with without too many awkward questions. Jacob scours the Barbican for any sign of John to no result, though when he returns to the which house he finds that the tramp’s sleeping kit is there, stuffed with some manner of meat mannequin, and drawn into the mince (on the section he could see) were a dozen or so small ‘smiley faces’ :-).

Jenni is returned to the Pluto club where she gets on with her sweat and visits La Perfumier to see if she can score some more ‘scent’. Sadly she lacks the Child’s Tears and Pig’s sweat that the occult pusher is seeking. She is invited to meet with the Twins who want her to deliver Mary Stone to them. She pleads ignorance which they respond to with some disbelief.

On the Saturday morning Jacob does some handyman work around the place, including re-clearing the mold under the sink in Flat 4 (which is filled with teeth). Later he is horrified to find Damocles leading Audrey around by a leash. However he’s unable to persuade them that there’s anything wrong with the situation and can’t come up with a way of stopping them.
Noah and Amadia spend their day trying to make sense of recent events.
Patrick is given a list of scutwork by Mr Ayers and heads into the office to sort it out. He has something of a contretemps with his boss which ends with Ayers…gone and his suit now adorning the psychotic banker.

That evening Noah is confronted by Mother Jones who arrives with a posse of adults dressed as youths. She is outraged by his refusal to cooperate despite her kindly asking him to let him into the flat and do other tasks (such as dealing with Imogen after she kicks one of the ‘youths’ down the stairs). Everyone is left baffled as to what the hell that was all about.

Noah to be Seen

The fight breaks up, Patrick and Jenni get an uber to St Thomas’ whilst Jacob staggers home and collapses in bed. A cup of tea and chicken soup are mysteriously presented to him.
Imogen sees Audrey back to bed and retires for a night of drinking and explosives.

In the morning Jenni gets up and asks about Patrick, she is told that he is dead. Meanwhile Patrick is told that he has apparently been declared legally dead some time ago, he takes the news with his usual good grace. He phones Jenni and he picks up new clothes for him before they head home.

Jacob wakes up to find that he seems to have been bloodily sick in the night. He calls his GP’s surgery who refers him on to NHS direct to see if he needs an emergency appointment. He spends the day in hospital, where he is well looked after, but told that his dental peculiarity will require a number of follow up appointments.

Patrick starts work late to find that his absence has been covered for. He later recieves an email from TKIT telling him to ‘Lost £40k and be well’, after some consideration he makes a bad trade.

Jenni spends her day with Amadia and gets to listen to her practice her Clarinet. She tries to work out how to help the piece with her own musical knowledge, but that is then interrupted by events above…

Imogen wakes up with a detonator in hand attached to a half dozen sticks of C4, feeling a black abyss looming nearby she follows a compulsion to pull the trigger…

At around 9pm that night the penthouse of the Wytch House explodes. Imogen runs in terror out of flat 5 and flees the building, whilst a near catatonic Jenni has to be led out by Amadia. Jacob evacuates the building, whilst Patrick ventures upstairs to see what happened to Imogen. He takes in the damage and then as he starts to leave he sees a Middle Eastern figure who promptly vanishes. Shocked he goes to stare out the window.

Below the emergency services show up but they seem unable to take in the Wytch House much to Jacob’s increasing horror and agitation. From his perch Patrick hurls a rock at Jacob, striking an unfortunate nearby fireman. A panicked flight from the building begins, though Jenni and Jacob have to go back in to coax Patrick out of the building.

Over the following week Jacob attempts to determine whether the building can be salvaged, meanwhile Patrick buys up the owning company and directs them to shut down the employee pension scheme.

Imogen finds herself wandering through darkness, eventually emerging into a cavern where she finds three people embedded in the wall, covered in fungi. They tell her that she is in Terdassos. Touching them she finds that they’re actually partly made of fungi.

Jenni comes back to the Wytch house for her record collection and finds that Mary is sleeping in her bed. When she wakes her, Mary reacts with outrage claiming that Jenni had ruined her life, abandoning her when she fell through a plate glass window. She claims that the pair worked together for a year and had talked about moving in. Apparently they were working for the Crays. She confesses to carving Bitch into the bedside table and ‘borrowing’ her records. Apparently they were working a score to acquire 30 pieces of silver from the Twins, the daughters of Ronnie Cray. The twins are looking for the Hand and the Noose with which Judas hung himself.

Patrick finds that he is paying a lot of inheritance tax due to his death several weeks ago…he informs his accountants of his extreme displeasure.

Jacob has more teeth coming through and starts to feel increasingly hungry. He does his best to ignore this and throws himself into fixing the Wytch House.

Imogen passes through a vegetative hellscape eventually emerging from Damocles’ mouth. Damocles welcomes her back in Audrey’s voice whilst the old woman roams around on all fours and eats from the dog bowl.

Jenni heads off to the Pluto Club on friday night and has a chat with the lovable scamp running the joint, he tells her that the Twins might be showing up tonight.

However at 9 that evening (Friday 15th July) they all awaken to find themselves in the fourth residents meeting of the Wytch House.

Good Grief

Jacob wins a staredown with Patrick and Jenni just manages to calm the banker before he throws a punch. The meeting concludes and the doorway to number 3 becomes open. The residents ascent whilst a furious Jacob remains down in the dark, comforted by a familiar presence.

Noah speaks with Amadia who is upset about being confined to the Wytch House and suggests that serving her remaining time might not be the worst thing in the world all things considered…
Noah researches Mother Jones and puts in a couple of Freedom of Information requests that should hopefully be returned in the next couple of days.

The next day Imogen starts making inquiries after the police who were at the hospital.
Patrick begins to covertly (and illegally) invest in the building management firm that runs the Barbican houses with the aim of getting revenge on Jacob.

Imogen goes to a hardware store and buys the parts to build a rope ladder down to the basement. When she gets home there are 4 crates in her hallway containing plastic explosives, detonators an related paraphenalia. There are also GPS coordinates for somewhere in Helmand. She secretes the equipment around her apartment, placing the explosives in her wall-safe. Afterwards she hurls the crates off the side of the building and Jacob, going to investigate is struck by one of them and is rather half-arsedly treated by Noah. Jenni goes to talk with Imogen who reveals the details of the delivery.

After being treated Jacob searches for the culprit and in No. 8 he discovers Mary tucking into a meal of fouled meat. She urges him to join her in eating and he reacts with violent disgust. The sound of this draws the others to the flat and he rants at them for a time before kicking them out so he can ‘clean up’. Once he goes to check Ben and Georges flat, Imogen attempts to barge past and unwilling to allow this intrusion a scuffle breaks out resulting in a very broken coffee table and slightly broken Jacob. The handyman does his best to make the place presentable, but the damage is clear.

Patrick has a rather cold meeting with Mr Ayers who makes it clear that the Mithras cult have ordered nothing bad result from the previous night’s activities. It is clear however that Ayers has not forgotten or forgiven.

Jacob’s friend Len suggest that his dental problem could be cancer, much to the old fellow’s delight.

The residents meet up with Ben and George and give their version of the day’s events. Patrick and Jenni try to sneak up via the basement route but when he opens the trapdoor someone stomps on his face and he falls knocking Jenni off her perch and sending her tumbling back to the basement below. Enraged Patrick tears the place apart looking for Mary, terrorising Ben and George with Imogen’s assistance. They eventually reveal that she stole something related to Judas Iscariot.
Noah goes down to treat Jenni and manages to reset her dislocated arm.

Jacob gets home just in time to hear the couple’s screams of distress and confronts the pair, Patrick, enraged attacks him and the whole group descends into a melee, ending up with Jacob accidentlly booting Jenni as Noah held Patrick pinned on the floor.

Going Sub-Terror

Patrick gets a call telling him to select a kitchen knife and meet a car downstairs. He gets into a car and is driven to a farm on the Isle of Dogs. He pulls up outside a barn and finds a small crowd waiting, sipping champagne. He speaks with Frederique and apparently there is some sort of HR issue that he needs to get sorted out. Mr Ayers comes up and impresses upon Patrick the need for discretion regarding this activity. The cult leaders direct activities and the various initiates have their hands sliced by a knife and take an oath in latin before heading into the building.

Jenni speaks with Amadia who gets out ‘Help me! I’m in the bas-’ before the call cuts out. They all rush back and head to the boiler room, from there they can see that the table below has been overturned and a chair badly crumpled. They quickly descend but find no sign of Amadia though Noah and Jacob see light coming from the Flat 4 route..
The electricity meter is on 1433,8.
Going up to flat 4 it appears that Ben and George have taken Amadia in after she staggered back to the basement in a panic having lost a lot of time. Apparently she met Shireen and then ran when the people there fled from the ‘Red Piper’. Shireen said that the tunnels weren’t safe and she wasn’t sure what she could say but then there was a tearing noise and something arrived, and then she ran.
Jenni notices that the couple happen to have a vinyl of hers in their flat and they claim it simply appeared in their hallway.
Jacob wants to brick up all the entrances to the basement but this is vigorously resisted by the residents who want to be able to investigate further.

In the barn Patrick is confronted with a bull prepped for slaughter. One gentleman objects to being involved in the slaughter and is quickly removed from proceedings. They are told that the first to drink the heart’s blood will be anointed and the last to draw blood will not be initiated. Patrick really gets into the slaughter and when it seems that Mr Ayers will get to the heart first he stabs him in the stomach to ensure his victory. With a primal scream he he claims the heartsblood. Then everything goes black.

Things wrap up at number 4 with the suggestion that perhaps there should be another residents association meeting. Noah books Amadia a room in the Premier Inn so she doesn’t have to stay at the Wytch House. Imogen collects Damocles from the vet; it appears to act like a normal dog. As they pass a shop window of TV screens they see a reference in the scrolling banner to ‘Up to 12 individuals sought for massive drugs lab in central London’.
Getting home they requisition a vhs player from Jacob and watch the lab footage again- after reviewing it they spot a twelve feminine figure in the background though it becomes increasingly hard to focus upon and eventually moves out of frame.

The next morning Patrick is woken by a phonecall- it’s the IT people coming to install a secure line and extra security measures for his home office. He also recieves an email informing him that he needs to fill out a tax form before he can recieve his salary. After some back and forth between his accountant and HR he finds out that this in an inheritance tax form and snottily hangs up.
Imogen is woken by the noise below and goes to pick up Audrey from the hospital.
Noah gets a call from Mother Jones who tells him that he is in breach of contract by allowing Amadia to dwell outside of the flat. How she knew this was unclear. He speaks with Amadia who has also been contacted and she agrees to come home.

Jenni finds that someone has carved the word ‘bitch’ into the top of her bedside table. She tells Patrick but his room does not appear to be disturbed.

At the hospital Imogen swears that she spots a police dog handler with a familiar face from her tie in Afghanistan. She makes inquiries but no-one is able to identify the officer in question.

Jacob bricks up the doorways in flats 7 and 8.

After going to sleep everyone awakens to find themselves in the basement. There is a sickly looking young woman there who is fiddling with a fancy catalyst lighter, and holding a burned, severed hand. Then she vanishes. All the residents are present around the table. Angry, Patrick strides off into the dark. The rest see no choice but to start the meeting.
We ask George about his sister Mary and she claims that he owes a lot of money and has gone off the rails. We start to discuss blocking up the doors to the basement when a roar of anger comes out of the dark followed by more angry shouting from Patrick. Imogen and Jenni run off to investigate (accompanied by Damocles), they find him out of breath and with blood on his hands, beyond him they find a body mangled beyond recognition. Patrick claims he was attacked but lies that he didn’t know who it was.
They continue with the meeting until tensions start to escalate and things almost come to a fight between Patrick and Noah.

We ask for Shirin to attend as the next guest speaker and agree that only the portals in flat 1, 6 and 9 remain open. Jacob demands that they eject Damocles from the building and the vote is hung with Amadia and Noah abstaining. Incensed by this Jacob starts to push back when Patrick once again demeans him, referring back to the embarrassing incident several nights before.

Sound of the Underground

Imogen awakens in a police cell and after some banter with the bobbies contacts her lawyer, who is troubled to be awoken in the early hours of the morning. She is shortly released and has an expensive cab ride home.

The rest of the residents board the train finding that most of the passengers appear to be homeless but their do appear to be TFL staff managing the train too. As Old Pissant enters the curtained carriage one of the homeless who appears to be acting as a bouncer tugs his forelock in respect. Jenni speaks with one of the passengers who explains that they need to choose whether they are Squires or Ladies. Those who pursue glory for the court and those who seek social advancement. It seems that everyone (aside from the TFL staff) have taken noble names for themselves. Though it appears that Duke (the title Old Pissant possesses is restricted from common use).
Eventually the group decides to enter the reserved carriage and give themselves appropriate names:
Lord Patrick
Count Cap
Lady Sparks.

Jacob doesn’t want to play the game and refuses to take a title which causes the bouncer some aggravation until someone scuttles up and whispers in his ear, after which he is allowed to pass as guest of the Master of the Third Man.

The regents of the court, Lance and Lyme, offer to assist the residents in exchange for their fealty, which none of them are keen on. Another offer is made to treat them as ‘knights of the grail’ outside the court but with some access. Eventually they decide to take some time to think about it and leave the train at Cannon street along with Mr Lyme. He suggests that there is a woman at the Witch House who can help them with their inquiries. There is some speculation that this could be Amadia.

They take a taxi home and bump into Imogen as she arrives home, they let her know about Audrey. Jenni has a late night whiskey with her and explains their evening’s exploits.

Jacob finds that his home has been cleaned while he was away. The CCTV shows unclear images of an elderly woman doing the chores.

Noah has an incredibly dull dream of life in Newcastle. When he awakens he his met by Imogen who is concerned that they have been unable to get in touch with Amadia. She agrees to assist with the hunt if he will help her get in to see Audrey.
Once they eventually get to see her Imogen decides that she has been suffering from Damocles wounds. She boots Damocles hard in the flank and asks Noah to check on Audrey to see if anything has transferred across.

Jacob awakens to find that the notepaper he left out for his mysterious visitor has a message letting him know to get some milk in. The handwriting is very familiar.

Imogen starts choking out Damocles which causes the dog to whine and then choke…and then barking starts coming from Audrey’s room whilst Damocles starts audibly begging to be released. Imogen loses her shit and attempts to kill the dog whilst Noah runs to get a sedative from the nurses station. A fracas ensues with Damocles finally escaping having injured a nurse and slaughtered two unfortunates on the way out.
Afterwards Imogen speaks with Audrey who urges her to leave Damocles alone.

Damocles shows up back at the Wytch house where he is taken in by Patrick and jenni. When Jacob happens upon the blood trail he follows it back to the others and they all end up heading to the vets where Damocles’ gouged eye is being treated. Revelations of slaughter and demonic manifestations are made.

Noah goes off to search for Amadia to no avail. He eventually goes to the police with the predictably useful results.

A strange girl approaches Jacob as he loiters outside the vets. He invites him to lunch saying that they share a common interest but when he professes confusion she is horrified and runs off telling him that when he realises his interest he should leave a note in his door.

Imogen and Jenni go to see Damocles and the DJ is appropriately horrified when the dog does in fact talk and afterwards they take Jacob and Noah and all go to the pub for a consolatory drink.

Patrick spends the afternoon boning up on mitharism and recieves a note in latin which google translate helpfully suggests as ‘Night pay attention to the afternoon’. He prepares his robe in case of a surprise visit.

At around 9pm Jenni receives a panicked call from Amadia…

Grave Matters

Noah goes home via the tunnel and en route discovers a pair of boots and signs of a violence. For a short while he is able to follow a blood trail before the traces tail off. He makes what notes he can of the scene but his inebriated state renders them rather incoherent.

Jenni comes home to find that Patrick is manically exercising in the middle of the living room. Her attempts to get to the bottom of his strange mood are halted when Noah crawls in through the hatch in their hall. This intrusion and Noah’s tipsy indifference to Patrick’s anger quickly push the banker into a rage and as soon as Jenni ushers the doctor out the door Patrick starts to smash up the furniture in order to block the passageway to the basement.

Concious of her room-mates odd mood Jenni decides to use the perfume she recieved at the club and try to put together a soothing mix. The substance quickly provokes an experience of intense synesthesia. As she works she begins to perceive a strange harmony that is in some sense an echo of something that doesn’t exist.
Jenni’s music is able to bring Patrick out of his murderous funk and he gives her an awkward thankyou before they both go to sleep.

The next morning Noah meets up with Patrick and Jenni and the group head to a nearby diner to discuss the weirdness that has been occurring in the block. The issue of the missing drugs comes up which causes Patrick some concern and they decide it might be worth testing a hair sample to see if they’ve been drugged.
They decide to go back to the basement later and Noah goes shopping for exploration gear.

Jacob, working on installing CCTV cameras in his room finds that another mysterious cup of tea turns up through his work. Then he hears another morse message and follows up to Audry’s room where he finds that the she has fallen out of bed. He manages to find Noah who diagnoses that she has a broken hip. After several calls they manage to summon an ambulance…not

Patrick calls Sid the drug dealer and tells him that the deal is off as he has found a better buyer. Sid desperately tries to convince him to deal but Patrick is unsympathetic.

Looking for Amadia, Jenni breaks into her flat and finds that the boards on her door have been subtly unnailed. Still searching for Amadia she wanders down to the basement where she has a bit of a funny turn wherein she sees her dead room-mate Meg and snaps out of it to find herself staring at the electricity meter.

Noah discovers that his door appears scratched as if by a pick and finds that the little door inside is open.

After half an hour and no sign of the emergency services Jacob summons help from a local mate, Benny, and the pair take Audrey to hospital in the back of a white van.

Patrick recieves a phone call from a withheld number, it is a woman interested in seeing if the drug deal can be re-arranged. When he says there’s no chance she hangs up to the sounds of ‘kill him’ and Sid’s hopeless blubbering.

Going down to the basement Patrick and Jenni can see in the basement’s darkness and find the light of Noah’s torch painful. The electricity meter reads 1002,3. Behind the door the tunnel wall is in place. They have a hunt around the place but find nothing particularly mysterious.

They return that evening catching Jacob’s attention as they clatter through the walls with a collection of construction tools. They find that the tunnel is present again and head down it together finding that it turns into a small utility tunnel leading into one of the more recent tube tunnels. They come to a gate across the line and a sign proclaiming it as Alder’s Gate St. apparently it has only been closed since 2009. We appear to have lost around 3 hours of time.
A tube train arrives bearing the description ‘the queenless court of the last train’

London After Midnight

The following day Jenni works on her mix for the evening and finds that there are unusual influences creeping into her work. Noah continues to clear Shirin’s room whilst Patrick studies up on Mithraism.

At 7 Jenni heads over to the Pluto club and in let in by a bunch of working class fellows. The club has a jazz club-esque aesthetic. She meets up with Pest who cautions her that in event of trouble she shouldn’t call the police herself to this most legitimate of establishments.

Noah returns from a trip to the convenience store to find that Mother Jones is sitting down with Amadia at the kitchen table. He is displeased to find that she is entitled to make checkups on Amadia without any notice. Listening in on their conversations he learns that Amadia is from the Sudan and seems to be extremely (indeed unusually) open with the woman. Before she leaves she urges Amadia to keep practising. He gives her permission to go off to see Jenni’s set.

Jacob, cleaning the lift. finds that someone has left a cup of tea for him. Drinking it leaves him with a strange feeling of loss and regret.

Coming up to 9 Noah and Imogen decide to head down to the basement. Lacking an easy route down they decide to have a look around flat 8 and find that the cocaine trunk is now empty. They proceed down to the basement and find that the electricity meter has clicked on another 3 units. Opening the sliding door they find that the wall is gone- Imogen flips out, throwing away her torch and lapsing into flashbacks of her time in Afghanistan. Noah manages to get out of the way unscatched until she snaps out of it. Hugely embarassed by the incident she warns him never to speak of it on pain of death.
Going down the tunnel they find primitive paintings of a figure in a fetal position outlined by dots.

Patrick hires a call girl, dolls her up and instructs her to remain silent then heads off to the club. He finds that the people there seem to be dressed in a slightly archaic Sunday Best, which fits the general retro aesthetic of the club.

Noah and Imogen come upon a pool of water filled with coins of various denominations and currencies. Then they become aware of quiet psychobilly music that leads them into the Pluto club. They meet with Jenni an find that they seem to be an hour out of sync with each other.

Jacob hears the music drifting up through the liftshaft and he too ends up wandering up the tunnel when he crosses the wishing well he finds himself tossing in a coin quite against his will and ends up sadly sobbing in the darkness at the unreasonable turn his life has taken. He is snapped back to reason by the terrible cold of his damp feet and the feeling that something wicked this way comes. His feet too painful for him to escape, he waits and finds himself confronted by Damocles. However when the dog draws close he sees fingers emerging from inside its mouth and an eye regarding him from within. The whole situation clearly being competely bonkers, he turns off his torch and tries to wait out this mental breakdown.
He awakens on a mound of earth in a cemetery.

Patrick accepts the offer from Pest of have something on the house. He goes to speak with La Perfumie who offers him the scent of ‘success’, ‘irresistability’ and other abstract concepts. He takes a bottle of ‘success’ to be used within the next three days.

Imogen and Noah try to find out some more about the Pluto club and the bosses that apparently run the joint. They are accosted by Pest who sleazes at them briefly before calling over Patrick who smashes their proffered bottle of vodka and then walks off smugly. When Imogen is inclined to repay this insult, Pest calls in some security and Noah manages to de-escalate before any violence arises. He directs them to speak with Joanne, la perfumier who offers them her wares in exchange for 5k or a mix of 5 days worth of tears, sweat and urine.

Patrick comes home just in time to meet a filthy Jacob and the usual taunting escalates into violence which ends up with Patrick rolling around in agony in a puddle of his own piss.

Drug Notes
“Cocaine” – Patrick
LSD” – Jenni
“E” – Noah/Imogen

A Load of Bull

Imogen catches Patrick right on the jaw and they stagger around the liftshaft. Noah allows the paramedics to extract the body from the liftshaft and it is revealed to be none other than Milton Warner. The residents are confused and horrified but manage to deal with the shock.

The paramedics take the body off to the morgue at St Thomas’, accompanied (much to their distress) by Imogen. Noah and Patrick take an Uber to a private hospital where Patrick is admitted and treated. Noah then makes his own way home. Meanwhile Jenni looks after Amadia (under the pretence of Amadia helping her to cope with the shock).

Jacob lets himself into Milton’s office and discovers that Warner was supposed to be on holiday a month ago next year, but this was a clerical error as he actually got back two weeks ago and then started to attend to the lift maintenance. He gets the name of Milton’s contact with the company Lawrence Chen.

Imogen chats with a grief counsellor at the hospital and is recommended the services of a spiritualist. She arranges to get a final look at the body and tricks a limp hand-shaking nurse into letting her take his possessions, claiming to be one Elizabeth Warner (with Jenni’s address and mobile number).

Noah returns and meets up with Jenni and Amadia irritates both of them with his hypocrisy. Amadia decides to go back to the basement and Jenni joins her. They quickly return and everyone has a chat about Imogen’s lies (and the nurse’s continued interest) and the improbability of Warner’s death. Jacob is quickly chased off but the rest end up drinking until the following morning.

The following morning Patrick has a freaky dream as he comes around from the anesthetic (sharks swimming in seas of money, Old Pissant watching him with faces in his teeth, waking up on a morgue slab and being shut away in a cooler) and is horrified to find that he needs to get right into work and is lacking a suit. He texts and sends a cab for his clothes- they arrive in an extremely unsatisfactory state and he assault his unfortunate colleague Alan for making a snide comment.

Jacob talks with management about the discovery of Warner’s body but Chen appears unable to hold onto the information for more than five minutes. Eventually he gives into despair and just fills out the necessary forms to expense the cleaning materials needed for the elevator.

Patrick returns home to find Imogen sleeping on his couch and an angry confrontation ensues, only ending when Patrick threatens to throw Jenni out if she doesn’t leave. Afterwards they both go to their room and crank up the music. When Audrey comes over to complain about the noise Patrick humiliates her, leading her to believe that Imogen has been deriding her behind her back.

Jenni goes down into the basement to try to mark off where the tunnel wall is, only to find that it isn’t there. Wanting to blow off steam she wanders down the tunnel. She finds a plaque on the wall bearing an inscription written in latin.

Jenni gets a request from a dodgy geezer named Pest to perform in the ‘ Pluto Club’, an establishment that is known for having a Psychobilly room.

Patrick goes to meet Ayers at the Diogenes club. It reeks of old money and the effortlessly successful. There is an involved initiation ceremony which he manages to bluff his way through and then they proceed downstairs and begin to don cloaks and cowls. Somehow Jenni ends up wandering into the chamber too and manages to slip into a disguise and join the crowd. They then attend a ludicrously impressive looking dinner before a mithraic statue. Jenni struggles to blend with the powerbrokers but her lack of understanding appears to go unnoticed. As Ayers part with Patrick he quips that he’ll be ‘married in no time’.

Imogen goes to walk Damocles and finds Audrey looking extremely old and frail. Damocles is particularly ill tempered and demanding and kills a Terrier that runs by with a trailing lead. Imogen throw the body in the lake and then lies to its owner about what happened.

Jenni gets home and ditches her robe on top of Patrick’s bed. Patrick comes home and assumes that this is some wierd display of power from the Diogenes club. He has a sleepless night.

On Friday morning Noah, Imogen and Jenni go down to explore the basement, finding it in its usual state. They plan to return that evening at nine.
Jacob spends the day doing maintenance jobs around the site and returns home to find that he has been promoted into Warner’s job… as of two weeks ago.
Noah begins to clear up Shirin’s room so that he can bear to sleep there.
Meanwhile Patrick is informed by his boss that he can now work from home three days a week…and that she’s looking forward to his marriage to Mithras. He purchases a top of the range mixing deck as a wordless apology to Jenni and leaves it outside her room.

Body of Evidence

Imogen wakes up from a tremendous bender and finds the building emptied of all occupants. Increasingly upset by this she gives Jacob’s door a quick kicking when he fails to respond. Just as she’s giving up the rest of the residents return and explain that they were at the police station.

Jenni and Amadia talk to LaFarge who lets them know that they will need to get permission from the actual owner of Shirin’s flat or Amadia will go back to jail.

Patrick considers moving the drugs but eventually decides to conduct a more sophisticated plan with Jenni.

The next morning as sharply dressed woman, Mother Jones arrives and shortly thereafter [Fed] shows up. They go up to Flat 3 and it is revealed the he is Shirin’s not-quite-ex husband and the legal owner. Amadia’s situation is explained to the rather overwhelmed widower, the situation not being much improved by Jenni and Imogen sticking their noses in.

Jacob offers to board over the doors in the various rooms. Sybil declines but the new owner of Flat 3 is more than willing to see this wierdness dealt with.

Patrick speaks with Sid his dealer about offloading the cocaine. The fellow is very hesitant to deal with that much weight. Later he meets with him and gives him a hard sell. Sid agrees to buy a portion of the cocaine, as he can’t afford to buy the whole lot.

Noah speaks with his lawyers and finds out that Good Mother Inc are offering a ludicrously good payout for him to take Amadia in and move into the Wych House. His department in Manchester is thrilled with the prospect of getting the money that would cover his absence. Noah speaks with Jenni and Imogen who encourage him to take Amadia in. He phones Mother Jones and agrees.

Imogen and Jenni break into an apartment opposite the Barbican police station.

Jacob hears morse code coming out of the lighting and this leads him to discover that there is a body on top of the lift. He contacts the emergency services even as the vile scent of decay begins to spread. Eventually all the residents gather around the liftshaft, drawn by the horrible smell. Eventually paramedics arrive and try to remove the body- Patrick wants them to proceed and an altercation occurs when Imogen and Noah attempt to prevent this.


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