London Underground

An Invitation

Orphée aux Enfers

the Offenbach Operetta


The Kensington Symphony Orchestra invites you to to a recital of Jacques Offenbach’s 1858 Orpheus in the Underworld on July 2nd, from 7pm at the Barbican.

The residents of The Wych House had a fairly normal Friday 1st of July. They went about their lives as if the world might carry on like this forever. They all found themselves invited to a recital of Orpheus in the Underworld at the Barbican theatre on the night of the 2nd of July.

When they attended they were greeted by Shirin Karimi who asked them, awkwardly and ineffectually, to look out for Amadia Owuru, a young woman, just out of foster-care who she was looking after under some sort of music outreach scheme.

Unfortunately, just at the crescendo of the famed can-can movement there was a commotion amongst the musicians and the music was stopped. Shirin had collapsed and had started fitting. Despite receiving the first aid attentions of Jenny Hanniver and a member of staff it would appear that she died later in hospital. She seems to have left some sort of handwritten note for/to Amadia on her hospital room table however.

Meanwhile back at the Wych House, after the commotion at the theatre a small 3-ft high door was discovered in Amadia’s room in Flat 3. Further investigation revealed that behind it a 10-15m shaft lead down to a hitherto unknown basement under the building. Although the basement has not been fully explored yet at least one more ladder shaft, seeming to head in the direction of the lift shaft has been found, and a route down from Flat 5 sufficient for Audrey and Damocles to descend also presumably exists.


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