The Basement Level

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Underneath The Wych House here is a basement level which is not, apparently, included in the building blueprints. Its dimensions, at first glance, might seem relatively small – maybe the size of the living room in one of the apartments, but investigation of the nooks and crannies, the corners and alcoves extends this considerably.

Generally the ceiling of the basement is about 3m high, though in some places it is low enough to reach out and touch.

It is accessed by various shafts, stairways and even a dumb-waiter style lift, one for each of the flats in the block.

According to the Fire Department structural engineer, from the access point in Flat 1 the floor is 5.81 metres down, making the shaft 2.81m long. According to her investigations, there is no reason to believe that the building is structurally unsound.

Electricity Metre 11:47 6th Aug 2016 113 260,44

The Basement Level

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