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Building Completed

January 1986 – the Wych House was actually the first building planned for the Barbican centre, indeed it pre-dates the decision to create the Barbican as a whole, but was the last building completed by over a decade.


Set between the Frobisher and Speed blocks, and south of Cromwell Tower.


The block is built around a central staircase/lift, with flats accessed left and right off of small landings.

Wych Floor Plan


The block is aligned North-to-South, with flats facing West-to-East (Speed and Frobisher blocks respectively).


There are five residential floors to the Wych House, eight mirrored apartments on the first four floors and a penthouse suite on the top floor. The first floor flats are smaller than the upper ones due to the boiler room and lift-shaft.


There is only one entrance, at the front of the building, leading to the stairwell straight ahead.


Residents have the right to lease parking spaces from the Barbican underground car park,meaty prices being set by annual auction.


No stores are located in the Wych House

The Wych House

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