London Underground

Death Rights

Jenni arranges another emergency meeting, inviting the PCs plus the mysterious Cretan (who we’re hoping isn’t a Cruel One). She goes up to speak with Imogen who is just emerged from a dangling slime pod, and brings her up to speed on developments.

Noah senses a tremor from the basement. It is ominous.

Everyone goes to bed and awakens in the basement. We move on to the guest speaker and the absence of a person appears. [A man arrived who wasn’t there]
It claims that to decrypt the unreadable codex you need to read the first page. [The codex is unreadable, therefore begin by reading the first page]
It claims that no translation of ‘layer by layer the city was built’ was possible. [The original text of ‘layer by layer the City was built’ cannot be translated]
It claims that John Quincy could read it but can’t now. [John Quincy deciphered the text, but would not be able to read it]
It claims to be the author of the codex but not the writer.
It claims the codex was not written at all. [The codex is a lettered work of authorship, but was not written]
‘I was born as I was destroyed, so too the book’
Everything I said was a lie.

In Other Business Jenni summons John Quincy. His form is faded and patchy.
He read it using the reason of another world. Somewhere that existed beyond the labyrinth.
It is a city unknown to the living, and known to only some of the dead.
It may be possible to read the book simple by being near the portal.
He burned London along with Fanny, Adam, – Broxston in order to stop the Eater of the Dead entering the world. Then they used music to control it.

Steve encourages the group to try to call Shirin back but she doesn’t comes when called and instead a bioluminescent glow and strange fungal smell creep in. We adjourn and the meter starts to tick up. A spot of red mold is present on the plastic table. Imogen sticks her finger in and then another finger emerges and starts tapping on the table, spreading mold further. Patrick hits it with a pipe and then a hand grows out of the pipe and when Patrick drops it in flees off into the dark.

Jenni grabs some chemicals and these are used to battle the horrible mold limbs. A brief conversation follows in which becomes clear that any reference to the Red Piper causes the metre to tick up.
The metre is up to about 35k.

Steve arranges to meet Mother jones at Trafalgar Square the next noon.

Imogen and Jenni get Noah to help them take some blood in order to pay La Perfumier.

Steven goes to speak with the librarian and invites her over to the Wych House to try to read the Codex. Nothing happens in Room 2 but when they get down to the basement it becomes more comprehensible. Noah and Patrick put their heads together and are able to divine more meaning, learning much about the layers of the city- the wormtomb, the blightwood.
The metre continues to slowly tick upwards.
Patrick gets impatient about wrapping up and despite Steve’s warning attempts to force the prof. to leave. She goes nuclear. Noah flees in a panic and Jenni is forced to tend to a very nearly re-dead Patrick whilst Steve bluffs her into leaving with a threat against the library.

Noah has fled down the tunnels of the basement and finds himself knocking on the doors of the Warren.



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