London Underground

Grave Matters

Noah goes home via the tunnel and en route discovers a pair of boots and signs of a violence. For a short while he is able to follow a blood trail before the traces tail off. He makes what notes he can of the scene but his inebriated state renders them rather incoherent.

Jenni comes home to find that Patrick is manically exercising in the middle of the living room. Her attempts to get to the bottom of his strange mood are halted when Noah crawls in through the hatch in their hall. This intrusion and Noah’s tipsy indifference to Patrick’s anger quickly push the banker into a rage and as soon as Jenni ushers the doctor out the door Patrick starts to smash up the furniture in order to block the passageway to the basement.

Concious of her room-mates odd mood Jenni decides to use the perfume she recieved at the club and try to put together a soothing mix. The substance quickly provokes an experience of intense synesthesia. As she works she begins to perceive a strange harmony that is in some sense an echo of something that doesn’t exist.
Jenni’s music is able to bring Patrick out of his murderous funk and he gives her an awkward thankyou before they both go to sleep.

The next morning Noah meets up with Patrick and Jenni and the group head to a nearby diner to discuss the weirdness that has been occurring in the block. The issue of the missing drugs comes up which causes Patrick some concern and they decide it might be worth testing a hair sample to see if they’ve been drugged.
They decide to go back to the basement later and Noah goes shopping for exploration gear.

Jacob, working on installing CCTV cameras in his room finds that another mysterious cup of tea turns up through his work. Then he hears another morse message and follows up to Audry’s room where he finds that the she has fallen out of bed. He manages to find Noah who diagnoses that she has a broken hip. After several calls they manage to summon an ambulance…not

Patrick calls Sid the drug dealer and tells him that the deal is off as he has found a better buyer. Sid desperately tries to convince him to deal but Patrick is unsympathetic.

Looking for Amadia, Jenni breaks into her flat and finds that the boards on her door have been subtly unnailed. Still searching for Amadia she wanders down to the basement where she has a bit of a funny turn wherein she sees her dead room-mate Meg and snaps out of it to find herself staring at the electricity meter.

Noah discovers that his door appears scratched as if by a pick and finds that the little door inside is open.

After half an hour and no sign of the emergency services Jacob summons help from a local mate, Benny, and the pair take Audrey to hospital in the back of a white van.

Patrick recieves a phone call from a withheld number, it is a woman interested in seeing if the drug deal can be re-arranged. When he says there’s no chance she hangs up to the sounds of ‘kill him’ and Sid’s hopeless blubbering.

Going down to the basement Patrick and Jenni can see in the basement’s darkness and find the light of Noah’s torch painful. The electricity meter reads 1002,3. Behind the door the tunnel wall is in place. They have a hunt around the place but find nothing particularly mysterious.

They return that evening catching Jacob’s attention as they clatter through the walls with a collection of construction tools. They find that the tunnel is present again and head down it together finding that it turns into a small utility tunnel leading into one of the more recent tube tunnels. They come to a gate across the line and a sign proclaiming it as Alder’s Gate St. apparently it has only been closed since 2009. We appear to have lost around 3 hours of time.
A tube train arrives bearing the description ‘the queenless court of the last train’



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