London Underground

Sound of the Underground

Imogen awakens in a police cell and after some banter with the bobbies contacts her lawyer, who is troubled to be awoken in the early hours of the morning. She is shortly released and has an expensive cab ride home.

The rest of the residents board the train finding that most of the passengers appear to be homeless but their do appear to be TFL staff managing the train too. As Old Pissant enters the curtained carriage one of the homeless who appears to be acting as a bouncer tugs his forelock in respect. Jenni speaks with one of the passengers who explains that they need to choose whether they are Squires or Ladies. Those who pursue glory for the court and those who seek social advancement. It seems that everyone (aside from the TFL staff) have taken noble names for themselves. Though it appears that Duke (the title Old Pissant possesses is restricted from common use).
Eventually the group decides to enter the reserved carriage and give themselves appropriate names:
Lord Patrick
Count Cap
Lady Sparks.

Jacob doesn’t want to play the game and refuses to take a title which causes the bouncer some aggravation until someone scuttles up and whispers in his ear, after which he is allowed to pass as guest of the Master of the Third Man.

The regents of the court, Lance and Lyme, offer to assist the residents in exchange for their fealty, which none of them are keen on. Another offer is made to treat them as ‘knights of the grail’ outside the court but with some access. Eventually they decide to take some time to think about it and leave the train at Cannon street along with Mr Lyme. He suggests that there is a woman at the Witch House who can help them with their inquiries. There is some speculation that this could be Amadia.

They take a taxi home and bump into Imogen as she arrives home, they let her know about Audrey. Jenni has a late night whiskey with her and explains their evening’s exploits.

Jacob finds that his home has been cleaned while he was away. The CCTV shows unclear images of an elderly woman doing the chores.

Noah has an incredibly dull dream of life in Newcastle. When he awakens he his met by Imogen who is concerned that they have been unable to get in touch with Amadia. She agrees to assist with the hunt if he will help her get in to see Audrey.
Once they eventually get to see her Imogen decides that she has been suffering from Damocles wounds. She boots Damocles hard in the flank and asks Noah to check on Audrey to see if anything has transferred across.

Jacob awakens to find that the notepaper he left out for his mysterious visitor has a message letting him know to get some milk in. The handwriting is very familiar.

Imogen starts choking out Damocles which causes the dog to whine and then choke…and then barking starts coming from Audrey’s room whilst Damocles starts audibly begging to be released. Imogen loses her shit and attempts to kill the dog whilst Noah runs to get a sedative from the nurses station. A fracas ensues with Damocles finally escaping having injured a nurse and slaughtered two unfortunates on the way out.
Afterwards Imogen speaks with Audrey who urges her to leave Damocles alone.

Damocles shows up back at the Wytch house where he is taken in by Patrick and jenni. When Jacob happens upon the blood trail he follows it back to the others and they all end up heading to the vets where Damocles’ gouged eye is being treated. Revelations of slaughter and demonic manifestations are made.

Noah goes off to search for Amadia to no avail. He eventually goes to the police with the predictably useful results.

A strange girl approaches Jacob as he loiters outside the vets. He invites him to lunch saying that they share a common interest but when he professes confusion she is horrified and runs off telling him that when he realises his interest he should leave a note in his door.

Imogen and Jenni go to see Damocles and the DJ is appropriately horrified when the dog does in fact talk and afterwards they take Jacob and Noah and all go to the pub for a consolatory drink.

Patrick spends the afternoon boning up on mitharism and recieves a note in latin which google translate helpfully suggests as ‘Night pay attention to the afternoon’. He prepares his robe in case of a surprise visit.

At around 9pm Jenni receives a panicked call from Amadia…



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