London Underground

Sub-Urban Legends

Noah is heading south with Newcastle with Mother Jones, recovering from his psychotic break. She is speaking with a powerfully dressed woman about a problem with a ‘switch’. Their chance of recruiting Amadia has apparently been thwarted due to the mistakes of B division cobweb farmers in allowing a switch. Jones wants permission to remove and replace the ‘first iteration’ with the second. The other woman mentions that they arranged for Shirin’s death and then tell Noah that he is only 4 months old and was never married to Shirin….he awakens from the ‘dream’ back in the Wych House. He immediately updates the Mystery Board,

Patrick reluctantly heads out to work through the basement, finding himself in the Mithraem where it appears that some sort of cannibal banquet has occurred. At the offices he finds that BOA is shuttered due to the recent incidents; he tries to find out what details the other Patrick has left there. After absent-mindedly giving the wrong number to the security guard he ends up having a very brief angry phone conversation with Other Patrick before fleeing the freaked out normies.

Noah speaks with Steven about his dream and the latter makes plans to seek out a local Cliomancer called Harold to see if anything can be done about the memory issues. Noah then speaks with Jenny and they decide to hold an emergency residents meeting. Meanwhile Jenni plans to seek out the missing regents through the basement.
Pest asks Jenni to do another gig at the Pluto, this time with a Rococo twist.

Patrick speaks with Valentina, an acquaintance from HSBC and finds out this he is supposed to be hosting an event the next evening. He persuades her to give him a lift there.

Noah and Steve’s meeting with Mother Jones goes…poorly . Once Noah proves uncooperative she summons forth his simulacrum who attempts to murder him with a silenced pistol. Steven immediately snatches up her phone and legs it, quickly outdistancing the ‘kids’ who jump out to stop him.

Amadia and Jenni head out through the basement but only end up in the Pluto club. They notice that the electricity meter there has jumped up passed 20k now. Jenni then goes to get her set prepared, learning from Pest that she’ll be expected to play from 11-5. Jenni is asked to mix some of the classic music and does it sufficiently well that she attracts the attention of the obviously influential Rinka Nehru.

Steven returns to the crime scene to give the police some false information about Mother Jones being the one with the gun. He then returns to the Wytch House and finds Noah struggling home. He helps to patch him up noting that the wound seems a little too straight for something delivered in a melee. Steve calls Harold and it seems that the cliomancer is associated with the Mother Jone’s lot and may recently have performed his arts on a Noah-esque individual. He walks back out to find Noah photographing the Mystery Board with his phone, and then another Noah crawls up from the basement. Not long later the mind controlled Noah is secured and they head out (along with a gun-seeking Patrick) to find Harold.

At the club Jenni speaks with the Perfumier and gets a bit of a price list, and then spots a very Harry Lime-ish individual who enters in an extremely sharp suit. The wych house men show up and Steven attempts to show a photo of the man to Lance Joyguard, only to find that it won’t go through properly. The man asks to speak with Lancelot and then dismisses Steve. He claims to be the ambassador of Magonia.
Patrick liases with Pest to put a hit out on his other self. There is a fair bit of haggling and some difficulty in explaining who is to be the target but in the end a deal is reached.



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