Noah Kapanadze

Georgian doctor from the North, widower of Shirin.


Obsession: Detective Fiction
Rage: Favouritism
Fear: Failure (Professional)
Noble: Pedagogy

Body 50

Athletics 25
Judo 39
Theatre Endurance 35

Speed 55

Dodge 35
Driving 15
Initiative 48
Firearms 15

Mind 70

Medical Researcher (GK) 50
Surgeon 42
Notice* 50
Conceal 15

Soul 45

Charm 25
Lying 15
Bedside Manner 36
Basement 45

Violence H5 F1
Unnatural H5, F0
Helplessness H1, F1
Isolation H0, F0
Self H5, F1

To Spend: 0
Total: 50


Mid-40s, large, well-built.

Former surgeon in Manchester, current medical researcher at Newcastle University. Divorce with Shirin apparently never quite got completed.


Noah Kapanadze

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